Great Things Take Time

We're in this for the long game. Growing animals without artificial hormones and GMO feeds means they don't grow as quickly and certainly not as large. Feeding them a diet for their own optimal nutrition also means that it's more nutritious for your consumption and the animals have an improved quality of life. That directly impacts flavor and nutrition available and all those things make it worth the wait.

Heritage Hogs

We grow a KuneKune heritage hog. They live and farrow on pasture as a collective (group of pigs.) Pigs are social creates and thrive in community. We don’t separate farrowing or bred sows. Everyone stays together, with the exception of a couple months of weaning and even then all the piglets are kept together.


Our pigs have multiple purposes on our farm and these little machines are excellent tillers, helping us build our land as they eat the forage. Our pigs are moved regularly through the pasture and forrest.

Kunes are known for their lard and are much smaller than a commercial hog. The marbling and pastured diet gives their meat a complex flavor compared to your commercial hogs. 

Pastured Meat Chickens

We grow a Cornish Cross meat bird. We are actively looking for a more heritage breed to replace these wit, but we simply haven’t found any that are as tender and juicy to replace them with.


We regularly hear that these are the best chickens that people have ever had. The quality speaks for itself.


Just like our other animals, our chickens have multiple purposes on our farm too. These eating machines are kept on pasture and moved at least twice a day. Their fertilizer helps to build the soil that’s been abused for decades and you can see the impact just a couple weeks after them working through an area.

All our animals, chickens included, are fed an organic and soy free diet.


Pastured Eggs

Our egg laying flock is ever evolving. We love the variety of a rainbow egg basket and the dependability of hens known to lay a high number of eggs so I can’t tell you all the specific breeds that may or may not be filling any particular carton.

I can tell you that we get just as excited about a variety of colors as anyone else and that we love and care for our chickens.

Our layers are fed an organic and soy free diet and allowed to free-range and collect all the forage their little hearts desire.

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