Embracing a Lifestyle of Abundance

23 Budget Friendly MUST Haves For Your Homestead
As a homesteading and homeschooling family, we are big on budget and being good stewards of what’s been given to us. We live on a budget and typically buy used when we can. Here are a few items that...
Things to Know When Shopping for a Dairy Cow
We get so excited to do the shopping part, but the research part is much more important. You know how you read the reviews before making a purchase? You can’t exactly do that with a dairy cow, but...
5 Reasons to include your children in the local Farmers Markets!
As a homesteading and homeschooling parent I was constantly looking for ways to include our young children in weekly farmers markets. I was spending half a day each week there and I wanted my children...
Welcome to the homestead blog
This area may include anything from how-to’s to recipes or foraging finds or great news or maybe not so great news from our farm. I want to start with a couple quick things. Thanks for Being Here! We...
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