Quality Feed

NCO doesn’t cut corners on feed formulas with cheap ingredient fillers. We all know prices are constantly fluctuating and most companies will adjust their formulations to increase the percentage of cheaper ingredients at any given time. NCO is consistent with the quality and ratio of their feeds and that means you and your animals can always expect the same great quality feed!

The feed is always fresh. NCO grinds and mixes the feed in runs to maximize freshness. Ground feed is easier for animals to digest and absorb nutrients and that means that those nutrients begin to break down immediately. Fresh ground feed is of upmost importance for your farm.

NCO uses certified organic grains (which means ALWAYS non-GMO) in all their feeds. You are what you eat. The last thing you want is to be feeding your food a science experiment.

Soy Free and Why It Matters

According to FDA.gov, 94% of all soybeans planted in 2020 was genetically modified. The vast majority of that, 77%, was fed to meat and dairy animals. The likelihood of your food having consumed GMO soy is incredibly high unless you are feeding quality organic, soy free feed.
NCO has pride in being soy-free. 
* Soy is high in the anti nutrient (phytic acid.) Single stomached animals like chickens, pigs, horses, and humans don’t produce the enzyme phytase to break down the phytic acid. Without it, phytic acid blocks absorption of vitamins and minerals.
* Soy is high in phytoestrogens and can cause health implications.
* Soy is trypsin inhibitor. Trypsin is an enzyme that aids in the breakdown of a variety of proteins. Suppression of trypsin is contributed to allergies.


NCO offers a variety of feed choices to fit every farms unique needs for its animals. From high quality feed to high quality supplements, one stop shopping matters.

No two farms are just alike and our feed needs are just as unique. With feed for every barn yard animal in every stage of life NCO is a clear choice.

From 25 pound bags of chick starter to 2000 pound totes, we can help any farm meet their feed needs.

What Does Organic Mean?

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