Welcome to the homestead blog

This area may include anything from how-to’s to recipes or foraging finds or great news or maybe not so great news from our farm. I want to start with a couple quick things.

Thanks for Being Here!

We appreciate you spending time with us. Time is the greatest gift and the fact that you value us enough to entrust us with your time is HUGE to us.

Differing Opinions

We may agree or disagree. You are absolutely welcome here and you are welcome to share a different view as long as it can be done kindly and respectfully.

Discussion and arguing are not the same and not to be confused.

I’m certain there is plenty for us to learn from one another and I’m game to hear your thoughts or suggestions and always game to hear a way that may make a task just a little easier.

Various Income

You may find links on some of our posts and some of them may be linked to affiliate marketing where we are compensated by your clicks or purchases at no additional cost to you.

We will NEVER suggest/sell you a product just because. That doesn’t belong in a minimalist or make due lifestyle and we will never suggest a product that we don’t truly see the value in and don’t or wouldn’t use on our own homestead.

We are allowed to change our opinion as we learn and grow. If for some reason (either product quality or company ethics, etc.) we were to no longer support a product/company we will attempt to update any posts to share awareness. This is not about cancel culture, but simply about dependability and having a scriptural foundation.

See You on the Next Post!

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