Smoked Maldon Sea Salt


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This jar of goodness is sure to make your tastebuds pop. Our salt is flavored through real smoke, from being smoked. Not from that gross imitation liquid smoke trying, and yet failing miserably, to do to your mouth what our salt does.

2 oz


This gourmet salt has a crunchy texture and bold flavor than the seems to compliment everything we put it on. It offers a smoky finish that makes it delicious and unique for a multitude of dishes. These soft crystals pair with everything from eggs to ice cream and compliment a steak perfectly when a little pepper is added. I add it to dishes for potlucks and have people rave about the perfectly smokey flavor added to pinwheels or salsas.

They are handmade and do not contain preservatives or additives.

Weight 1.9 lbs


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